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Jotun DemiDekk Infinity Details (new window & doors )

Jotun DemiDekk Infinity Details (new window & doors )
Jotun Demidekk Infinity ( Was Window & Doors ) Details technology provides superior protection and the product has superior color and gloss durability, which makes the surface look freshly painted for a very long time. The paint is self-cleaning. The product has a fast drying time - rainproof after one hour, and superb application properties that are specially adapted for painting windows, doors, garage doors, garden furniture and fences . Recommended use. Especially suitable for planed wood, like windows, doors, window dressings, garden furniture, garage door, fences etc. To be applied to new, previously stained or painted woodwork, as well as impregnated. Also suitable as a topcoat for previously primed gutters, fascia’s made of plastic and metal commonly use on buildings.

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