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Renovaid Renobond Duo

Renovaid Renobond Duo
Elastic non shrinking, solvent-free glue and end grain sealer for interior and exterior use. Solvent-free two component product based on high quality epoxies. Handy, 265 ml 2 in 1 tube. Application: For the sealing of end grain of exterior joinery and other wood constructions and as glue. Can be applied on many other materials such as epoxy, polyester, stone. concrete and metals. Product characteristics: Packaging: tube. 265 ml A B Mixing ratio: 1:1. Curing: 16 hours at 20 �C. Permanent elastic. Durable. Excellent adhesion on wood, epoxy, polyester, stone, concrete and metals (is free of grease and corrosion) pot life 45 minutes at 20 �C. Easy to sand after 16 hours at 20 �C Can be painted with any desired paint system. Does not shrink or swell. Resistant to mechanical influences (blows, wearing, abrasion). Free of Nonyl Phenol and Benzyl Alcohol. Solvent free. Produced under ISO 9001 and 14001.

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